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Help! My interest rates are going up. What can I do?

Free 30 minute Workshop for those with home loans or investment loans.

Learn the different strategies available to you to pay less.

TIP: Did you know some banks will pay you thousands to refinance? 

What you will learn in this Free Webcast

With the unprecedented rise in interest rates this year, optimising your bank finances has never been more important.

PRACTICAL STEPS you can take that will save you money.

HOW MUCH CAN YOU SAVE off your interest rates?

TO FIX your interest rate, OR NOT TO FIX, that is the question.

AVOIDING PITFALLS of lending before you get a loan.

AN INDUSTRY SECRET: How much will the bank pay you to refinance?


Anthony Clarke has helped thousands of clients over a 20 year career in lending.

He knows that most clients are paying too much on their property loans due to asymmetrical knowledge between banks and bank customers. 

Education is key in bridging this gap, helping clients reduce the interest burden and pay down loans faster. Add to this the oft overlooked imperative; keeping banks honest by conducting regular reviews on existing bank loans. These reviews cost nothing and should be a normal component of good financial care.

With this level of experience, Anthony is supremely confident in his ability to drive better outcomes for clients. This means more money in his client's pockets. All at no cost to the client.

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